Off topic: Gizmodo acts stupidly at CES

11 01 2008

OK, I know you are young. I know you are irreverent. I know you think you’re cooler than a bunch of old stodgy sales people at CES. That’s no excuse for being an ass-hat and pulling pranks on people who are just trying to do their job:

Click here to see Gizmodo’s account of how they “pwned” CES.

Sometimes I’m glad our industry is not as old and unexciting as say commodities brokerage. I like the fact that some of the most influential people in the technology industry are irreverent bloggers with a sense of humor. People like Arrington or Malik, however, have a basic sense of boundaries and decency, and would never stoop to annoying (admittedly uncool) sales people to get a laugh from their audience. For shame!

There’s a reason I removed you insufferable tools from my RSS reader a few months ago. This is just another extension of it.

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One response

11 01 2008

If they were that bored they should have left instead of harassing booth staff.

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